Pyramid Plunge is a roguelike 2d platformer with a ton of humor.

Meet George and Felicie. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting.

One day they were on a tour in Egypt visiting the Great Pyramid, and while they were taking one last picture of a majestic statue, they got separated from the rest of the tour. When Felicie realised they were alone, she started panicking, as usual. George, calm as ever, told her “As Confucius said, all that goes up needs to go down… we came all the way up here and now we just need to go down this pyramid and find the exit”. Little did he know that the pyramid is cursed and infested with creatures. Will they ever find the exit?

  • Help scaredy-cat Felicie through the levels by carrying her, throwing her and pulling her up. (There will be a reversed mode where Felicie throws George around in the near future)
  • Find interesting powerups in crates littering the pyramids from past explorers
  • Infinite procedurally generated levels
  • Collect coins and gems to buy items from the bazaar
  • Enjoy local multiplayer mode where you have to remain alive and collect more coins than your opponent

The game is currently in active development and we’re looking for feedback on alpha builds. Join us on our Discord server.

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