Meet Giorgio and Felicie. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting! Their visit to the Great Pyramid was a DISASTER! They got separated from their group. And entered a cursed chamber by mistake.  The pyramid became alive with crawling mummies and other creatures. Will they put their differences aside and find their way out?

Pyramid Plunge is a humorous roguelike pixel art game. Explore your way through ancient pyramids to find the exit. Felicie is scared, so you have to carry her and protect her from peril. You got only a couple of minutes to find the exit, or the pyramid’s curse will flood the pyramid. Every time you die, you’ll just want to try just one more time. Oh, and every pyramid is unique! Can you reach the final exit?

  • Save Felicie using unorthodox ways
  • Every pyramid is unique
  • Lots of items and powerups
  • 4 different worlds and bosses (Currently 2 worlds and 1 boss implemented)
  • Swim in a pyramid !?
  • Pyramid of the Day – Play the same procedurally generated levels for 24hours and compete on the daily reset leaderboard.
  • Multiplayer Coop – Select your character to control and hone your communication skills to reach the exit in one piece (or is it two? 🙂 )
  • Multiplayer PvP/Versus – Battle it out in a randomly generated level, and whoever reaches the exit with the most loot wins.

Besides Single Player with online leaderboards (one per difficulty), Pyramid Plunge can be played against a friend.  And it’s a blast! 

  • Enjoy local or online* multiplayer
  • You and your friend will both have your own Felicie to protect
  • Steal your opponent’s coins. Just throw anything in your path at him!
  • You can even steal your opponent’s Felicie… and perhaps place her on some trap?
  • And if you exit first, you trigger the flood and get to be the annoying jelly fish. Zap your opponent to slow down his descent to the exit
  • Hilarious moments ensue. Just remember… the richest wins!

*Currently, online multiplayer is possible with Parsec or Steam Remote Play Together. Both are free smooth 60fps couch online multiplayer software. Online multiplayer will come in a future update after launch.

Take the plunge!

The game is currently in active development and I’m looking for constructive feedback on the current build. The latest build has two themes (Egypt and Mayan) and one boss. Our target is to have 4 themes, each with different graphics, music, enemies and boss. Also I’m planning for an online multiplayer mode on Steam (without Parsec or Steam Remote Play Together).

I strongly believe that with your feedback we can make a great game together. Your input is very important to me. So come join me and let’s have fun together. You can also contact me on the game’s Discord server.

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