Pyramid Plunge is a humorous roguelike 2d platformer inspired by Spelunky and Wario Land. Explore your way through the procedurally generated pyramids to find the exit, while carrying and protecting your gal from peril. But don’t waste time, or the pyramid will start flooding with water.


  • Control bossy George and help scaredy-cat Felicie through the pyramid chambers by carrying her, throwing her and pulling her up to save her from peril.
  • Occasionally, you will also reverse roles and you will be controlling Felicie where you get the satisfaction of throwing George around.
  • Find interesting powerups in crates littering the pyramids from past explorers:
    • Dynamites to destroy terrain
    • Invincibility powerup
    • Health packs
    • Zapper charm to zap the enemies on screen
    • Gramophone to get your enemies to sleep for a short time
    • And the switcheroo curse where a spirit chases you – if it hits you you’ll switch roles with Felicie and get to control Felicie
  • Infinite procedurally generated levels
  • Collect coins and gems to buy items from the bazaar. Besides buying powerups that you can find in crates you can buy:
    • Glow sticks to see further
    • Flippers to swim faster when the flood hits you
    • Full health pack
  • Get Felicie to the treasure chest found in each level, and get random power-ups and coins
  • Balance risk and rewards from pickups, otherwise you’ll have to swim through the flood!

Game Modes

  • Single Player – Go through 4 Worlds, each with 4 Levels and a Boss. (2 Themes and one Boss currently implemented)
  • Leaderboards – Compete in online leaderboards (one per difficulty)
  • Pyramid of the Day – Play the same procedurally generated levels for 24hours and compete on the daily reset leaderboard
  • Multiplayer – Playing it with your friend is a blast! Enjoy local or online* multiplayer mode where you have to remain alive and collect more coins than your opponent. Steal your opponent’s coins by throwing them anything you find. And if you get in first, you get to be the annoying jelly fish and zap your opponent to slow down his descent to the exit. Hilarious moments ensue. Just remember… the richest wins!

*Online multiplayer is possible with Parsec for the time being, which is a free smooth 60fps couch online multiplayer software.


Meet George and Felicie. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting.

One day they were on a tour in Egypt visiting the Great Pyramid, and while they were taking one last picture of a majestic statue, they got separated from the rest of the tour. When Felicie realised they were alone, she started panicking, as usual. George, calm as ever, told her “As Confucius said, all that goes up needs to go down… we came all the way up here and now we just need to go down this pyramid and find the exit”. Little did he know that the pyramid is cursed and infested with creatures. Will they ever find the exit?

Early Access

The game is currently in active development and we’re looking for feedback on the current build. The latest build has two themes and one boss WIP. Our target is to have 4 themes, each with different graphics, music, enemies and boss. Also we’re planning for an online multiplayer mode on Steam (without Parsec). Join us on our Discord server to give feedback and suggestions.

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