Quick update for this week. 

Last week was dedicated to  online multiplayer.

I had stopped on it several months ago, I believe back in November. Why did I stop on it in the first place? Well it felt like I should dedicate more time to other things.

But last month I decided to give it another shot. I started from scratch for the online multiplayer, and there’s some good progress. The tricky part is letting the remote player feel like it’s instantaneous as if there’s no lag. I tried playing the game with Parsec, where a remote player connects to another player. This kind of tech records the server’s screen and sends it to the remote player. And the remote player sends the inputs. But the lag just kills the gameplay, because you have to wait for the server to receive your input and send you back the next screen frame to see any kind of feedback.

It’s very tough to debug multiplayer bugs but with adequate logs, and screen recording, and lots of patience the bugs are being fished out. So running, jumping, picking up loot, and throwing things are in place. I’m currently working on killing enemies. There’s also a resynch with server, just in case it gets out of whack.

Ah, and btw here’s a new poster WIP. Join Pyramid Plunge Discord server to see the whole poster in the art channel…