Pyramid Plunge supports Twitch Integration where the audience can interact with the streamer’s gameplay through the chat! It can get hilarious pretty fast!

🔑🔑🔑 Streamer? Get Your Steam Key! 🔑🔑🔑

If you’re a Twitch Streamer and would like to try out Pyramid Plunge Twitch Integration, the easiest way is to join the game’s Discord. You can find me there as Nev. Or you can be ping me on Twitter. I’ll send you a Steam key.


This is what a twitch viewer in the chat can do while the streamer is playing Pyramid Plunge:

  • Take control of Felicie (or Giorgio if the streamer is playing as Felicie). They can open the chest for you or even run away into traps if they’d wish to!
  • Vote on level modifiers to choose from: 
    1) Spooky Level: Darker level makes it more difficult for the player
      2) Cursed Enemies: Each enemy killed removes one quarter
      3) Landmines galore: Each enemy drops a loaded landmine
      4) Just Loot: No items in crates
      5) BloodLust: Health is dropping. Regain by killing.
      6) Flood: Every kill reduces flood timer by 5 sec
      7) Already Raided: No coins in the level
  • Take control of Bosses – this can make it really more challenging
  • Vote on Surprise Questions: Asks a random question to make the streamer’s life easier or harder (e.g. flip controls, turn screen upside down, give streamer a health pack, trigger the flood, surround streamer by enemies, give streamer some crates, etc)
  • Cheering – Small msgs can be sent on game’s screen. They could also give pointers where to go (they could lie!)

Getting Started with Twitch Integration:

You should try it before doing a live stream, because you know … technology! 🙂
To test it out, you don’t need to do a live stream.
Twitch uses IRC, and it’s IRC chat is always running even if you’re NOT doing a live stream.
So all you need to do is enter the following details from the Twitch Integration menu in the game:

  • Username
  • Twitch Auth Token – Just copy the auth token from to the clipboard, and paste it (Ctrl-V) when switching back in the game.
  • Twitch Channel Name

Just wanted to assure you that the game will never “phone back” any of the above details.

After entering the above info, you just toggle Enable Twitch Integration and it should give you Welcome notification at the bottom of the screen. (If something goes wrong it will tell you the error. In which case feel free to contact me and we’ll solve it together).

To test that everything is working fine, just go to your channel’s chat page, and when you are playing a level, questions and prompts should be sent to the chat. You can just type the appropriate commands in the chat, and the game will pick them up.

🤣🤣🤣 Got Funny Clips? Send them over! 🤣🤣🤣

If you’re going to stream, feel to free to share in the #streams channel of the game’s Discord. If you have some really funny clips, msg me as I will be doing a compilation of the funniest moments.