• Added back button support for menu
  • Added Exit option in main menu
  • Infestation roll sound effect
  • Support for partial damage, with hearts now having 4 quarters. Support for partial damage, with hearts having 4 quarters. This was done as it was a bit stupid that in 2p, the opponent cannot damage your friend (as she would be killed pretty quickly). So instead now this is introduced, so that throwables damage you by one quarter, while enemies, boulders, arrows, etc damage you be 1 whole heart.


  • Dead bodies should be behind pickups
  • Switcheroo ghost should not chase exited players
  • Fixed issue with some pingponging animations
  • Fixed pivot points for Felicie swimming as it was very jarring when flipping direction
  • Draw friend avatar in multiplayer according to chosen color
  • Fix for multiplayer where player can pickup opponent friend while she’s climbing up the rop, causing a bit of a glitch
  • Do not allow to deploy explosives at edges of level
  • Fixed depths of characters when switcherooed


  • Tweak to tutorial so bomb part is easier
  • Improved exit animations
  • Chest can be flipped horizontally randomly in level generation
  • Tweaks for pause menu
  • Do not decrement flood timer when exiting the level
  • Tweak so you can steal back your stolen friend while being carried (As previously you had to be above the other player to steal back your friend)