I’ve been chatting to some twitch streamers and it was very educational to get feedback. We had the first twitch stream 🙂 Thanks CadetLegend15


 I also got some valuable feedback from VeRKK and tried to implement some changes. Mainly there needs to be some difficulty setting to ease in the players. Also the ability of double jumping while carrying her should reduce some frustration.

Here’s the full release notes:

Release Notes v0.4.5

* Highlight current tutorial step
* Suggestion: Show picked up items descriptions
* Suggestion: Added difficulty setting in single player mode

* Fix for water on 2nd player view being misaligned
* Fix for spider webline drawn incorrectly on 2nd player view
* Fixed issue when using thumb joystick to exit level but you didn’t really do an up
* Removed mouse cursor
* Fix for friend being behind the player while swimming
* Show Tutorial Complete instead of Level 1 Complete when completing tutorial level
* Fix for shop not appearing in subsequent levels after completing tutorial
* Fix for Boss dead body not rendering properly

* Removed C4 tutorial popup as it was annoying and useless
* Don’t allow action key when in tutorial starting platform
* Added some more coins to the tutorial so you can buy something
* Suggestion: Tried making the throw more responsive (no more delay due to animation)
* Suggestion: Allow double jump while carrying friend
* Tweaked a bit the speed of the player
* Made picking up things easier. You don’t need to be exactly on them anymore
* When playing multiplayer fill up water more to avoid player hiding from jellyfish
* To exit the level when swimming you also need to press up.
* Show unaffordable items’ price in red