Pyramid Plunge already has local multiplayer implemented. It’s not cooperative as most have thought. It’s actually a competitive game where each player controls their own George+Felicie. The player who exits the level with the most coins wins. To make it more interesting you can steal the coins from the other player by throwing objects to the other player were half their coins will spew out of them ala Sonic. You cannot harm your opponent though as otherwise the game would be over pretty soon. The first one to exit triggers the flood and also becomes the jellyfish so he can hunt down the other player. 

These last couple of weeks I decided to bite the bullet and start implementing online multiplayer. I know there is Steam Remote Play Together to play a local multiplayer game online, but there will be a bit of delay on the remote player since he’s basically streaming the game from the other player.

I’m following the basic principles outline in the Source Engine multiplayer, and I’m using peer-to-peer server-client architecture. The server will be authoritative, so whatever the server says is legit. The client will basically be a dummy client sending keystrokes 30 times per second, and the server sends world updates 20 times per second. I got that working so far with entity interpolation in place. So the next thing I will be working on next week will be input prediction to make it feel more responsive on the client side.