v0.6.1 Update – New Enemy Graphics

I finally added the new graphics for enemies in the Egypt world. I also updated some other Egypt world graphics like the mural and doorway. It’s coming together nicely. The Mayan enemies will be next :).

Here are the full release notes for this update v0.6.1:


  • Polish language support
  • Added sound for throwables bounces and slide
  • Dead body landing sound
  • Show Play As although disabled for now
  • Friend Falling in mid-air animation
  • God rays from open chest


  • Dead bodies are now in their own layer (they were appearing behind ladder/door)
  • Throwables should hit even if they are sliding (including friend)
  • Fix for remaining alive (running away) after being killed. Should also fix issue with occasional running away after dropping
  • Fix for incorrect direction of dead bodies when killed enemies
  • Multiplayer – Light fade out when exiting. Also when jellyfish, light of friend is disabled
  • Fix for German death reason sentence
  • Fixed collider for spiders/scarabs when cornering so they don’t touch you if you’re on the other side of the corner
  • Fixed issue reported by retrome regarding ladder climbing up/down fast when ladder is near a wall and you press direction keys
  • Typo for !myid in Russian
  • Tentative fix for collision detection with enemies, where enemies with hp 2 would not report the second collision if falling on their head twice, if using a normal GM collision event.
  • Fix for friend not getting hurt when still dropping in mid-air and being hit by an arrow
  • Fixed typo in text said by merchant when he says Welcome Back


  • New Enemies Graphics (For Egypt). The Demo for Steam Festival will only have Egypt available
  • New Boss Graphics, boss end animation
  • Revert “Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick up just spawned loot” – it wasn’t behaving as expected
  • In the boss level only, Dead enemies will fade away and spiral dust come up
  • Some sparks coming out of torches
  • Improved Lightning from teleport and zappers
  • Friend now gets hit if thrown against enemy which isn’t killed (hp > 1)
  • Breakables now break even if dropped vertically. Also tweaked frictions
  • Increased slightly loot colliders
  • Update Egypt Mural
  • Added glows to angels
  • Updated create and vase breaking sprites
  • Do not break stuff with friend if not too fast (i.e. not really thrown at her)
  • Updated Merchant graphics
  • Loot sound muffled the further away it is
  • Avoid generating murals behind entrances
  • New Egypt Door Graphics
  • Chest is now the same for multiplayer and singplayer (loot only)
  • Tweaked prices for shop
  • Avoid friend blur when falling vertically and not being thrown
  • Tweak to volume of coins and loot drop and also changed dead body land

v0.6.0 Update – New Character Graphics

I’ve been working on the sprites for the last 3 weeks or so, using the concepts fromĀ Samuel Suarez. Apparently I had to redo over 400 sprites! WOW. But it was worth it. The new characters are more lovable. Hope you like them too.

Pyramid of the Day was tweaked as well. The time bonus was giving too much points. Also I added a 1000 bonus points if you get any of the following perfect:

  • enemies killed
  • loot collected
  • secrets found

Here are the full release notes for v0.6.0.


  • New Graphics for George and Felicie
  • Motion blur when falling to fast
  • Dust cloud when jumping
  • Different animations when jumping vertically/horizontally and landing
  • Offsets while carrying objects
  • Felicie Slide sound effect
  • Option to disable fog from pause menu (useful for slow GPUs)
  • Show hole after finding a secret
  • Semitransparent Flags for multiplayer
  • Show time in multiplayer


  • Fixed rare teleporting issues (hopefully)
  • Delayed sounds sometimes wheren’t playing (like burping when eating beans)
  • Fix for Felicie flipping flopping when whistling and she’s directly above you
  • Do not allow entering keys for name if he’s using the keyboard for controls
  • Fix for friend triggering switch when carried
  • Fixed C4 pickup animating the whick when not lit up
  • Fix for when you pick up opponent friend and she is still sliding from a throw, she will be hovering on your head
  • Pulling rope animation and fixed issue where the player would be misaligned by a tile
  • Fix remaining stuck in mid-air when using teleport or zapper
  • Fixed bug with menu selection screen re-appearing if you keep it on English
  • Do not show friend marker if jellyfish
  • Fix for whistling in mid-air (if you press action key a lot while falling)
  • Fixed issue when breathing underwater, where text remained green
  • Don’t pick up friend if dead (especially for multiplayer)
  • When playing pyramid of the day always reset to first world
  • Fixed issue where pyramid of the day of mayan was the same as egypt
  • Scorpion attack wasn’t hitting friend
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick up just spawned loot


  • Disabled switcheroo for now (as I still need to create graphics for them)
  • You can move horizontally on the ladder
  • You can know pick up and reattach a bomb
  • Can use inventory while running and swimming
  • Show next key to press to continue instead of green triangle in tutorial
  • Switch remains slightly visible when pressed
  • Allow to jump again after jumping on an enemy
  • Tweaked score for time bonus Added +1000 if you get enemies, loot, secrets perfect