I finally added the new graphics for enemies in the Egypt world. I also updated some other Egypt world graphics like the mural and doorway. It’s coming together nicely. The Mayan enemies will be next :).

Here are the full release notes for this update v0.6.1:


  • Polish language support
  • Added sound for throwables bounces and slide
  • Dead body landing sound
  • Show Play As although disabled for now
  • Friend Falling in mid-air animation
  • God rays from open chest


  • Dead bodies are now in their own layer (they were appearing behind ladder/door)
  • Throwables should hit even if they are sliding (including friend)
  • Fix for remaining alive (running away) after being killed. Should also fix issue with occasional running away after dropping
  • Fix for incorrect direction of dead bodies when killed enemies
  • Multiplayer – Light fade out when exiting. Also when jellyfish, light of friend is disabled
  • Fix for German death reason sentence
  • Fixed collider for spiders/scarabs when cornering so they don’t touch you if you’re on the other side of the corner
  • Fixed issue reported by retrome regarding ladder climbing up/down fast when ladder is near a wall and you press direction keys
  • Typo for !myid in Russian
  • Tentative fix for collision detection with enemies, where enemies with hp 2 would not report the second collision if falling on their head twice, if using a normal GM collision event.
  • Fix for friend not getting hurt when still dropping in mid-air and being hit by an arrow
  • Fixed typo in text said by merchant when he says Welcome Back


  • New Enemies Graphics (For Egypt). The Demo for Steam Festival will only have Egypt available
  • New Boss Graphics, boss end animation
  • Revert “Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick up just spawned loot” – it wasn’t behaving as expected
  • In the boss level only, Dead enemies will fade away and spiral dust come up
  • Some sparks coming out of torches
  • Improved Lightning from teleport and zappers
  • Friend now gets hit if thrown against enemy which isn’t killed (hp > 1)
  • Breakables now break even if dropped vertically. Also tweaked frictions
  • Increased slightly loot colliders
  • Update Egypt Mural
  • Added glows to angels
  • Updated create and vase breaking sprites
  • Do not break stuff with friend if not too fast (i.e. not really thrown at her)
  • Updated Merchant graphics
  • Loot sound muffled the further away it is
  • Avoid generating murals behind entrances
  • New Egypt Door Graphics
  • Chest is now the same for multiplayer and singplayer (loot only)
  • Tweaked prices for shop
  • Avoid friend blur when falling vertically and not being thrown
  • Tweak to volume of coins and loot drop and also changed dead body land