I’ve been very busy to get the demo out and finally it’s released. I was quite astonished when preparing the release notes how much items were in the list. Download the free demo from the Steam.

Thanks for all the bugs reported by the community on the Discord server.

And I also did this animation 🙂

Here’s the full Release Notes for v0.6.2 (which includes the demo build)


  • Trigger pause menu when window loses focus (does not work on Mac)
  • Fall sprites for Felicie when walks off a ledge
  • Die sound for enemies
  • Warning sound for enemies (for now just mummy)
  • Create hit stars (not for all objects yet, especially enemies attacks, boulder and gate)
  • F10 to swap gamepads for player 1 and player 2 (useful when playing MP of course)


  • Removed using down key to drop items as it could be triggered near a ladder when trying to go down just before. This annoys the player. Spotted by retrome in the following bugs:
  • – “Felicie jumps trough the wall when you step down from the ladder to the platform, interesting case. Expectation: Felicie keeps to stand near you. https://youtu.be/7V0rUSqrg9E?t=1034“.
  • – “You can drop Felicie when moving down on ladder, this happens pretty often. Excpectation: you keep Felicie. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=237
  • – “When you step down from the ladder to the platform then Felicie may fall down of the platform. Expectation: Felicie keeps to stand on the platform. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=810
  • Fixed some ordering of objects and traps
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie starts to jump after she hit by explosion when you carry her, funny one. Expectation: you keep to carry her or she takes a damage and you drop her down. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=1785
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Arrow hits Felicie when you carry her but she takes no damage. Expectation: Felicie takes damage and you drop her down. https://youtu.be/7V0rUSqrg9E?t=1973
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie is floating after you use a teleport item. Expectation: she stand on the floor. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=669
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie flies through the item. Expectation: Felicie breaks the item. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=185
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie jumps through the wall. This may cause a game over. Expectation: you drop Felicie down near yourself. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=424
  • Fixed text misalignments for all languages
  • Fix for boulder weird scaling when stops on a particular direction
  • Fixed inconsistencies with explosions. You can now destroy chests with bombs. Also sand dunes and spider webs will be removed by explosives. Even gates, switches and launchers will now be removed. Also tweaked coin effects of explosions.
  • Fixes for window height when entering name
  • Fixed for blinking eyes in tutorial (reported by Jonathon)
  • Fix consecutive kills rewards
  • Mummy walk had a missing frame for a leg
  • Fixed issue with enemy keeps running
  • Fix for weird size of screen when pressing F1 (not easily reproducable)Also if surface of pause screen is lost, then we resume to avoid crash. Spotted by Retrome. Thanks for the testing!
  • Fixed issue with scrolling friend when near explosion and being carried. Also solved potential problem when a thrown object of the explosion kills someone.
  • Boulders and other stuff should not be destroyed when they hit you while invincible
  • Fix for p1 gamepad disconnect, but p2 gamepad doesn’t get moved to first slot
  • Fix for throwing friend, but when sliding was not hitting enemies
  • Crate without a flipped question mark
  • Fix for teleport when friend is blinking and thrown in a corner


  • New Tutorial Explanation Backgrounds
  • Updated translations (inc for demo)
  • Update Gesture animation to be Carlton’s dance (awesome for taunting in MP)
  • Vases rotate slightly when thrown and break on contact
  • Throwables now do not collide if sliding speed is too slow
  • Animated exclamation. Also Fixed issue with exclamation doing “shadows” in the top-left of the level (due to rendering issue)
  • Made enemy pause at the edges
  • Made mummy to comes walk faster at you when he spots you
  • Show version in menu instead of game. Show details in game only with F2 toggle
  • When climbing, carried objects should be near hand
  • Showing “perfect” faded out in level summary and made sure it fits in all languages (although for now I kept it untranslated)
  • Tweaked deceleration when throwing on land (Also Experimented with controls while throwing in mid-air but reverted and didn’t commit that, as it felt fake)
  • Updated app icon
  • Updated splash screen