This update changes a bit how you process your death :).

You now get to choose which path to take down the pyramid. And like in the old arcade games you have 3 credits (chances) to use when you die. You can choose another path. Or go back to the same level to take your sweet revenge, and also collect your dropped loot and items!

Release Notes


  • Map/Level Backtracker.


  • Crawlers were not hitting player
  • Fix for crash in boss level when rewinding
  • Fix for Fast-forward sound playing when going to the next level in multiplayer
  • Fix for blue color selection in MP not replaying correctly
  • Fix exploding bomb in tutorial in hands gets player stuck in an unsolveable level
  • Fix for throwing stone at boss. If it hits another enemy along the way it was teleporting
  • Fix for when invincible, and friend still gets hit while being carried
  • Fix for jump higher warning triggering in boss when it really shouldn’t
  • Boulders should break things on their path
  • Felicie sprites should always be in front (even when playing as Felicie), since she’s thinner
  • Fix for crash when exiting a room while a gramaphone was playing was trying to stop/add sounds to deallocated structures in replay module
  • Fix for farting underwater and hitting crawlers was getting them into an invalid non-existent state
  • Fix mummies acting weird and getting stuck when near a gate
  • Fix for gramaphone resuming level music when exiting level, ending with shop and level music at the same time


  • Removed some sounds from George ouch sounds when hitting walls as they didn’t fit
  • When friend dies, player starts crying
  • Moved replay timer to the top (as it would conflict with controls preview in MP)
  • Tweak for coins collected to be taken instantly but also give some feedback of what they picked up
  • Fade outs of music
  • Tweaked mummy attack sprite collision box, as while it was hitting friend, I couldn’t hit it properly

Bonus video of my kids giving me a beating in my own game!

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