I’m super excited to release this build. Also as from this build I will be adding some videos showing the major features in the release.

Release Notes v0.6.7


  • Instant Replay:
    Now you can rewind at any time during the game the last 30 seconds, to see what you’ve done wrong. This is super awesome in multiplayer to replay some hilarious chase or near misses. Also when you die, you get an instant replay of your glorious death.
  • Foreground Parallax Effect to add a sense of depth:
    You will see some hanging out-of-focus webs in front of the camera to give the fake illusion of depth
  • Randomized Cracks:
    Now overlayed on the background to break repetitiveness.
  • Alternative tiles:
    Added a second type of tiles, like scaffolding to break the repetitiveness of the main tiles
  • Added tile bridges to avoid having what appeared to be gaps. After seeing some players trying to jump through the gaps it was time to fix them 🙂
  • Editable room templates:
    You can now edit the room templates to your heart content. This is just the first step to have an editor. For now it’s just a text file. If you go to the installation directory of the game you will find a roomTemplates.txt. There is some documentation in beginning of the file. Just open with something as simple as notepad. If you’re going to the edit it, just make a copy first so you can revert. The parser is very strict, so keep the same formatting between the templates. If you’re interested to edit them and need some help, check out this forum thread. Also feel free to message me on Discord
  • Blood Splatters:
    Added blood splatters for that gory feel. This really helps with the notion of persistence – leaving history behind you. Ok by default it is off because I think this game is more focused for younger generation. In fact my own kids are disgusted by the blood splatters. The enemies spew out green while if you get hit you will see red splatters.
You can enable splatters just for enemies, or even for everything. You will find this setting in the Graphics settings.
  • Explosion scorch marks:
    This adds a bit of more realism and also adds to the notion of persistence again
  • Random dark level:
    A lot of players were asking me for this. I was reluctant to add it, but it was easy to add. So that extra glow stick will come in handy 😉
  • Progress bar when generating levels. Sometimes the level needs to restart from scratch because it’s not solveable. Instead of seeing a black screen, at least you get to see a progress bar even though it might do a Microsoft thing where the progress bar seems to go backwards!
  • Drawing of player names in the Won Round screen in Multiplayer.
  • Precise Jump control toggle:
    Added option to Controls settings to use precise jump controls (default). To jump higher you just keep pressing the jump key, but I understand that some might want the control of the jump to be easier. So with precise jump control disabled, if you press the jump key, it will just jump to the highest point. It’s off by default, because I don’t recommend it.
  • Auto-use health pickups toggle (on by default). In the previous build, the notion of collecting pickups and triggering their use manually (perhaps even giving them to your partner) was introduced. However I was noticing that new players were not using the health packs. So I’ve decided to revert the behaviour and if you pickup health packs they are used immediately.


  • Fixed pause menu so that water effects are also shown in the snapshot take before pausing
  • Stopped using “she” and “you”, especially because you can change between Giorgio and Felicie
  • Handle rare issue where entrance or exit could not be placed. It should regenerate the rooms from scratch
  • Fix for objects causing damage to enemies when hit slowly by throwables (inc stones)
  • Fix for landing on Mayan with Giorgio (friend) being carried was getting Giorgio hit instead of Mayan
  • Fix for avatar color selection. Due to typo it was not working as intended. When single player and you select blue, it will now use the default colors, but when in multiplayer will use blue to not be confusing with cyan
  • Loot should be affected by water when it drops in it


  • C4 now flashes. It also flashes faster as it gets near it’s detonation. Just a small touch but really helps to know when it’s going to detonate, because the fuse burning up was not so visible.
  • Explosions are now a bit brighter as I’m drawing them after the lighting pass
  • Changed the Egyptian mural (although I still need to redo the tutorial ones. But I will soon be revamping the tutorial once again, so I didn’t waste time on it just yet)
  • This is not really visible just yet, but now the game supports bigger levels. So this will be actually be visible in the next update.
  • Tweaked multiplayer dying phrases
  • Tweaked Felicie’s volumes and lift sounds as they were annoying
  • Level End transition improvement. Nothing major, just some minor annoying stuff which made it look awkward, like glow particles and water rendering when everything fades to black.
  • Some sounds volume balancing: Giorgio, jewel pickup, splashes, break vase/crate
  • Player gets hit only if snake/mummy/guard are attacking (others still hurt you if you touch them, like spider or scarab)