I really miss that retro CRT feel, where the sub pixels of the CRT blend together in a way that can never reproduced by the new flat screens. I’ve always wanted to experiment with a pixel shader to make the feel of the game look more retro. And I found a couple of cool shaders on shadertoy that emulate the CRT retro feel. I think the game looks better, although by default it is turned off. For one thing it could be your video card might not support the shader, and secondly not all players like the CRT feel.

There are two versions that you can select from, v1 and v2.
I prefer v2 as it simulates even an animated subtle Moiré effect. The bloom effect gives it another touch. You can tweak the shaders to your liking as each shader has it’s own settings. Check out the video of the shader in action. Make sure to switch to full screen to see the effect, but even better, you should just play the demo if you haven’t already :)https://www.youtube.com/embed/sXpHLQkXN64

Since I revamped the menu system, now it’s super easy for me to add another menu. And it’s been a while since I wanted to allow players to customize the multiplayer.
Two things that often propped up during multiplayer playtests were the following:

  • One of the players would spoil the fun by stealing the opponent partner and place her on death traps. Of course this is also the fault of a player leaving the partner unattended. But I thought to add an option where you can disable stealing opponent friend.
  • The other one was that players thought they can throw their partner at each other to steal their coins. But honestly I thought that was kinda weird to have in the game. But since players seem to expect that, I have added an option to allow hurting your opponent by throwing your partner at them.

v0.6.6 Release Notes


  • New Menu system with transitions & icons
  • Graphics settings included CRT shaders for that retro feel
    • two different CRT shaders with own settings
  • Multiplayer settings to turn on (or off) the heat a notch
    • Can steal opponent partner (default on)
    • Throwing the partner at an opponent will hurt the opponent (default off)
    • Enter the players’ names
    • Start with an inventory item (wip)
  • New Felicie Sounds (over 100 wavs).


  • Support for thumbstick in menu
  • Fix for enemies who have hp 2+ where them could hit you back. Also added more feedback when you hit them by bouncing them a bit with the hit
  • Do not allow using inventory when jelly fish
  • French merchant texts were not fitting
  • Fix for burp not playing due to play random voice over cancelling delayed sounds
  • Fix for teleport when felicie throws giorgio near a ceiling
  • Fixed crash when visiting potd without internet
  • Do not allow secrets triggered by dropped objects
  • Fixes for teleport of character when dropped


  • Make re-picking up something you dropped faster
  • Do not give bigger jump for Felicie in shop
  • Repeat key

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