v0.6.7 Update – Instant Replay, Editable room templates and more!

I’m super excited to release this build. Also as from this build I will be adding some videos showing the major features in the release.

Release Notes v0.6.7


  • Instant Replay:
    Now you can rewind at any time during the game the last 30 seconds, to see what you’ve done wrong. This is super awesome in multiplayer to replay some hilarious chase or near misses. Also when you die, you get an instant replay of your glorious death.
  • Foreground Parallax Effect to add a sense of depth:
    You will see some hanging out-of-focus webs in front of the camera to give the fake illusion of depth
  • Randomized Cracks:
    Now overlayed on the background to break repetitiveness.
  • Alternative tiles:
    Added a second type of tiles, like scaffolding to break the repetitiveness of the main tiles
  • Added tile bridges to avoid having what appeared to be gaps. After seeing some players trying to jump through the gaps it was time to fix them πŸ™‚
  • Editable room templates:
    You can now edit the room templates to your heart content. This is just the first step to have an editor. For now it’s just a text file. If you go to the installation directory of the game you will find a roomTemplates.txt. There is some documentation in beginning of the file. Just open with something as simple as notepad. If you’re going to the edit it, just make a copy first so you can revert. The parser is very strict, so keep the same formatting between the templates. If you’re interested to edit them and need some help, check out this forum thread. Also feel free to message me on Discord
  • Blood Splatters:
    Added blood splatters for that gory feel. This really helps with the notion of persistence – leaving history behind you. Ok by default it is off because I think this game is more focused for younger generation. In fact my own kids are disgusted by the blood splatters. The enemies spew out green while if you get hit you will see red splatters.
You can enable splatters just for enemies, or even for everything. You will find this setting in the Graphics settings.
  • Explosion scorch marks:
    This adds a bit of more realism and also adds to the notion of persistence again
  • Random dark level:
    A lot of players were asking me for this. I was reluctant to add it, but it was easy to add. So that extra glow stick will come in handy πŸ˜‰
  • Progress bar when generating levels. Sometimes the level needs to restart from scratch because it’s not solveable. Instead of seeing a black screen, at least you get to see a progress bar even though it might do a Microsoft thing where the progress bar seems to go backwards!
  • Drawing of player names in the Won Round screen in Multiplayer.
  • Precise Jump control toggle:
    Added option to Controls settings to use precise jump controls (default). To jump higher you just keep pressing the jump key, but I understand that some might want the control of the jump to be easier. So with precise jump control disabled, if you press the jump key, it will just jump to the highest point. It’s off by default, because I don’t recommend it.
  • Auto-use health pickups toggle (on by default). In the previous build, the notion of collecting pickups and triggering their use manually (perhaps even giving them to your partner) was introduced. However I was noticing that new players were not using the health packs. So I’ve decided to revert the behaviour and if you pickup health packs they are used immediately.


  • Fixed pause menu so that water effects are also shown in the snapshot take before pausing
  • Stopped using “she” and “you”, especially because you can change between Giorgio and Felicie
  • Handle rare issue where entrance or exit could not be placed. It should regenerate the rooms from scratch
  • Fix for objects causing damage to enemies when hit slowly by throwables (inc stones)
  • Fix for landing on Mayan with Giorgio (friend) being carried was getting Giorgio hit instead of Mayan
  • Fix for avatar color selection. Due to typo it was not working as intended. When single player and you select blue, it will now use the default colors, but when in multiplayer will use blue to not be confusing with cyan
  • Loot should be affected by water when it drops in it


  • C4 now flashes. It also flashes faster as it gets near it’s detonation. Just a small touch but really helps to know when it’s going to detonate, because the fuse burning up was not so visible.
  • Explosions are now a bit brighter as I’m drawing them after the lighting pass
  • Changed the Egyptian mural (although I still need to redo the tutorial ones. But I will soon be revamping the tutorial once again, so I didn’t waste time on it just yet)
  • This is not really visible just yet, but now the game supports bigger levels. So this will be actually be visible in the next update.
  • Tweaked multiplayer dying phrases
  • Tweaked Felicie’s volumes and lift sounds as they were annoying
  • Level End transition improvement. Nothing major, just some minor annoying stuff which made it look awkward, like glow particles and water rendering when everything fades to black.
  • Some sounds volume balancing: Giorgio, jewel pickup, splashes, break vase/crate
  • Player gets hit only if snake/mummy/guard are attacking (others still hurt you if you touch them, like spider or scarab)

v0.6.6 Update – CRT Fx + Multiplayer Options

I really miss that retro CRT feel, where the sub pixels of the CRT blend together in a way that can never reproduced by the new flat screens.Β I’ve always wanted to experiment with a pixel shader to make the feel of the game look more retro. And I found a couple of cool shaders on shadertoy that emulate the CRT retro feel. I think the game looks better, although by default it is turned off. For one thing it could be your video card might not support the shader, and secondly not all players like the CRT feel.

There are two versions that you can select from, v1 and v2.
I prefer v2 as it simulates even an animated subtle MoirΓ© effect. The bloom effect gives it another touch. You can tweak the shaders to your liking as each shader has it’s own settings. Check out the video of the shader in action. Make sure to switch to full screen to see the effect, but even better, you should just play the demo if you haven’t already :)https://www.youtube.com/embed/sXpHLQkXN64

Since I revamped the menu system, now it’s super easy for me to add another menu. And it’s been a while since I wanted to allow players to customize the multiplayer.
Two things that often propped up during multiplayer playtests were the following:

  • One of the players would spoil the fun by stealing the opponent partner and place her on death traps. Of course this is also the fault of a player leaving the partner unattended. But I thought to add an option where you can disable stealing opponent friend.
  • The other one was that players thought they can throw their partner at each other to steal their coins. But honestly I thought that was kinda weird to have in the game. But since players seem to expect that, I have added an option to allow hurting your opponent by throwing your partner at them.

v0.6.6 Release Notes


  • New Menu system with transitions & icons
  • Graphics settings included CRT shaders for that retro feel
    • two different CRT shaders with own settings
  • Multiplayer settings to turn on (or off) the heat a notch
    • Can steal opponent partner (default on)
    • Throwing the partner at an opponent will hurt the opponent (default off)
    • Enter the players’ names
    • Start with an inventory item (wip)
  • New Felicie Sounds (over 100 wavs).


  • Support for thumbstick in menu
  • Fix for enemies who have hp 2+ where them could hit you back. Also added more feedback when you hit them by bouncing them a bit with the hit
  • Do not allow using inventory when jelly fish
  • French merchant texts were not fitting
  • Fix for burp not playing due to play random voice over cancelling delayed sounds
  • Fix for teleport when felicie throws giorgio near a ceiling
  • Fixed crash when visiting potd without internet
  • Do not allow secrets triggered by dropped objects
  • Fixes for teleport of character when dropped


  • Make re-picking up something you dropped faster
  • Do not give bigger jump for Felicie in shop
  • Repeat key

Make sure you join us on Discord!

v0.6.5 Update – Felicie: Fast & Furious

I have finally released the update for the early access and demo where you can now play as Felicie too.

Felicie pulling Giorgy by the ear!

Giorgio is too fat to be carried! So she pulls him from his ear haha.
She’s more nimble than Giorgio and so you might find her a bit more challenging to control. But once you get used to her movement, you will be zapping faster through the levels (of course if you’re not dragging Giorgio by his ear).
Ah yes, she doesn’t fart too, because you know… she’s refined πŸ™‚

Watch the new trailer:

Release Notes


  • You can now play as Felicie and pull Giorgio by the ear and throw him around
    • Felicie runs a bit faster when not carrying Giorgio
    • Voices for Felicie are not complete yet
    • There are some minor known issues when playing as Felicie, e.g. color of text is not swapped, or if Giorgio dies in Multiplayer it says Felicie died. Will be fixed in the next build.
  • Re-enabled switcheroo. This is a ghost-like entity rarely found in crates, which will swap the souls of Giorgio and Felicie. So if you’re playing with Giorgio, you start controlling Felicie (or vice-versa)
  • Warning to press jump button to jump higher. This is to re-inforce the tutorial that you have to keep the jump button pressed to go higher.
  • Global timer for speed runners. You now get an incrementing timer at the bottom across the levels.


  • Fix for erroneously swapping player’s x-scale when throwing rope on a single tile
  • Fix for crash if player gets hit by an arrow while pulling up friend
  • Fix for disappearing enemy when being hit at the edge (during the delay before it switches direction, causing an image_xscale of 0)
  • Fix for animated pickups on P1 in multiplayer being off
  • Fix for crates getting teleporting when throwing them in a corridor along the ceiling (managed to reproduce only with Felicie)


  • Jellyfish in multiplayer changes color
  • Dropped loot can trigger traps too. It look quite odd for a red jewel to fall on a switch and it doesn’t get pressed!
  • Health pickups go in inventory now, so you can drop them to give them your friend. This was quite requested, where players wanted to have more control on health packs, so they can donate them to their partner.
  • Accept Enter key in menu (suggested by Linux gaming group). This was quite stupid from my part to omit the Enter key to select a menu item πŸ™‚
  • Disable double kills during boss fights because otherwise scores are too high (recommended by Jonathon)

Pyramid Plunge Demo released!

I’ve been very busy to get the demo out and finally it’s released. I was quite astonished when preparing the release notes how much items were in the list. Download the free demo from the Steam.

Thanks for all the bugs reported by the community on the Discord server.

And I also did this animation πŸ™‚

Here’s the full Release Notes for v0.6.2 (which includes the demo build)


  • Trigger pause menu when window loses focus (does not work on Mac)
  • Fall sprites for Felicie when walks off a ledge
  • Die sound for enemies
  • Warning sound for enemies (for now just mummy)
  • Create hit stars (not for all objects yet, especially enemies attacks, boulder and gate)
  • F10 to swap gamepads for player 1 and player 2 (useful when playing MP of course)


  • Removed using down key to drop items as it could be triggered near a ladder when trying to go down just before. This annoys the player. Spotted by retrome in the following bugs:
  • – “Felicie jumps trough the wall when you step down from the ladder to the platform, interesting case. Expectation: Felicie keeps to stand near you. https://youtu.be/7V0rUSqrg9E?t=1034“.
  • – “You can drop Felicie when moving down on ladder, this happens pretty often. Excpectation: you keep Felicie. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=237
  • – “When you step down from the ladder to the platform then Felicie may fall down of the platform. Expectation: Felicie keeps to stand on the platform. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=810
  • Fixed some ordering of objects and traps
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie starts to jump after she hit by explosion when you carry her, funny one. Expectation: you keep to carry her or she takes a damage and you drop her down. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=1785
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Arrow hits Felicie when you carry her but she takes no damage. Expectation: Felicie takes damage and you drop her down. https://youtu.be/7V0rUSqrg9E?t=1973
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie is floating after you use a teleport item. Expectation: she stand on the floor. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=669
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie flies through the item. Expectation: Felicie breaks the item. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=185
  • Fixed bug reported by retrome: “Felicie jumps through the wall. This may cause a game over. Expectation: you drop Felicie down near yourself. https://youtu.be/pRjaHFLFYyY?t=424
  • Fixed text misalignments for all languages
  • Fix for boulder weird scaling when stops on a particular direction
  • Fixed inconsistencies with explosions. You can now destroy chests with bombs. Also sand dunes and spider webs will be removed by explosives. Even gates, switches and launchers will now be removed. Also tweaked coin effects of explosions.
  • Fixes for window height when entering name
  • Fixed for blinking eyes in tutorial (reported by Jonathon)
  • Fix consecutive kills rewards
  • Mummy walk had a missing frame for a leg
  • Fixed issue with enemy keeps running
  • Fix for weird size of screen when pressing F1 (not easily reproducable)Also if surface of pause screen is lost, then we resume to avoid crash. Spotted by Retrome. Thanks for the testing!
  • Fixed issue with scrolling friend when near explosion and being carried. Also solved potential problem when a thrown object of the explosion kills someone.
  • Boulders and other stuff should not be destroyed when they hit you while invincible
  • Fix for p1 gamepad disconnect, but p2 gamepad doesn’t get moved to first slot
  • Fix for throwing friend, but when sliding was not hitting enemies
  • Crate without a flipped question mark
  • Fix for teleport when friend is blinking and thrown in a corner


  • New Tutorial Explanation Backgrounds
  • Updated translations (inc for demo)
  • Update Gesture animation to be Carlton’s dance (awesome for taunting in MP)
  • Vases rotate slightly when thrown and break on contact
  • Throwables now do not collide if sliding speed is too slow
  • Animated exclamation. Also Fixed issue with exclamation doing “shadows” in the top-left of the level (due to rendering issue)
  • Made enemy pause at the edges
  • Made mummy to comes walk faster at you when he spots you
  • Show version in menu instead of game. Show details in game only with F2 toggle
  • When climbing, carried objects should be near hand
  • Showing “perfect” faded out in level summary and made sure it fits in all languages (although for now I kept it untranslated)
  • Tweaked deceleration when throwing on land (Also Experimented with controls while throwing in mid-air but reverted and didn’t commit that, as it felt fake)
  • Updated app icon
  • Updated splash screen

v0.6.1 Update – New Enemy Graphics

I finally added the new graphics for enemies in the Egypt world. I also updated some other Egypt world graphics like the mural and doorway. It’s coming together nicely. The Mayan enemies will be next :).

Here are the full release notes for this update v0.6.1:


  • Polish language support
  • Added sound for throwables bounces and slide
  • Dead body landing sound
  • Show Play As although disabled for now
  • Friend Falling in mid-air animation
  • God rays from open chest


  • Dead bodies are now in their own layer (they were appearing behind ladder/door)
  • Throwables should hit even if they are sliding (including friend)
  • Fix for remaining alive (running away) after being killed. Should also fix issue with occasional running away after dropping
  • Fix for incorrect direction of dead bodies when killed enemies
  • Multiplayer – Light fade out when exiting. Also when jellyfish, light of friend is disabled
  • Fix for German death reason sentence
  • Fixed collider for spiders/scarabs when cornering so they don’t touch you if you’re on the other side of the corner
  • Fixed issue reported by retrome regarding ladder climbing up/down fast when ladder is near a wall and you press direction keys
  • Typo for !myid in Russian
  • Tentative fix for collision detection with enemies, where enemies with hp 2 would not report the second collision if falling on their head twice, if using a normal GM collision event.
  • Fix for friend not getting hurt when still dropping in mid-air and being hit by an arrow
  • Fixed typo in text said by merchant when he says Welcome Back


  • New Enemies Graphics (For Egypt). The Demo for Steam Festival will only have Egypt available
  • New Boss Graphics, boss end animation
  • Revert “Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick up just spawned loot” – it wasn’t behaving as expected
  • In the boss level only, Dead enemies will fade away and spiral dust come up
  • Some sparks coming out of torches
  • Improved Lightning from teleport and zappers
  • Friend now gets hit if thrown against enemy which isn’t killed (hp > 1)
  • Breakables now break even if dropped vertically. Also tweaked frictions
  • Increased slightly loot colliders
  • Update Egypt Mural
  • Added glows to angels
  • Updated create and vase breaking sprites
  • Do not break stuff with friend if not too fast (i.e. not really thrown at her)
  • Updated Merchant graphics
  • Loot sound muffled the further away it is
  • Avoid generating murals behind entrances
  • New Egypt Door Graphics
  • Chest is now the same for multiplayer and singplayer (loot only)
  • Tweaked prices for shop
  • Avoid friend blur when falling vertically and not being thrown
  • Tweak to volume of coins and loot drop and also changed dead body land

v0.6.0 Update – New Character Graphics

I’ve been working on the sprites for the last 3 weeks or so, using the concepts fromΒ Samuel Suarez. Apparently I had to redo over 400 sprites! WOW. But it was worth it. The new characters are more lovable. Hope you like them too.

Pyramid of the Day was tweaked as well. The time bonus was giving too much points. Also I added a 1000 bonus points if you get any of the following perfect:

  • enemies killed
  • loot collected
  • secrets found

Here are the full release notes for v0.6.0.


  • New Graphics for George and Felicie
  • Motion blur when falling to fast
  • Dust cloud when jumping
  • Different animations when jumping vertically/horizontally and landing
  • Offsets while carrying objects
  • Felicie Slide sound effect
  • Option to disable fog from pause menu (useful for slow GPUs)
  • Show hole after finding a secret
  • Semitransparent Flags for multiplayer
  • Show time in multiplayer


  • Fixed rare teleporting issues (hopefully)
  • Delayed sounds sometimes wheren’t playing (like burping when eating beans)
  • Fix for Felicie flipping flopping when whistling and she’s directly above you
  • Do not allow entering keys for name if he’s using the keyboard for controls
  • Fix for friend triggering switch when carried
  • Fixed C4 pickup animating the whick when not lit up
  • Fix for when you pick up opponent friend and she is still sliding from a throw, she will be hovering on your head
  • Pulling rope animation and fixed issue where the player would be misaligned by a tile
  • Fix remaining stuck in mid-air when using teleport or zapper
  • Fixed bug with menu selection screen re-appearing if you keep it on English
  • Do not show friend marker if jellyfish
  • Fix for whistling in mid-air (if you press action key a lot while falling)
  • Fixed issue when breathing underwater, where text remained green
  • Don’t pick up friend if dead (especially for multiplayer)
  • When playing pyramid of the day always reset to first world
  • Fixed issue where pyramid of the day of mayan was the same as egypt
  • Scorpion attack wasn’t hitting friend
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick up just spawned loot


  • Disabled switcheroo for now (as I still need to create graphics for them)
  • You can move horizontally on the ladder
  • You can know pick up and reattach a bomb
  • Can use inventory while running and swimming
  • Show next key to press to continue instead of green triangle in tutorial
  • Switch remains slightly visible when pressed
  • Allow to jump again after jumping on an enemy
  • Tweaked score for time bonus Added +1000 if you get enemies, loot, secrets perfect

v0.5.9 Update – Languages Support

I have added support for the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • (and soon Polish thanks to two guys from the Discord community)

The above were translated by translators (actual persons) but not professionals from the games industry, so I’m expecting there will be a lot of inconsistencies. And Localization QA is quite expensive.

If any of the above languages is your native language, I would really appreciate it if you could double check it and report and weird translations πŸ™‚

Join the community on Discord to give suggestions and get daily updates on art and development.

Meanwhile here’s a preview of the upcoming redesign of the characters

Online multiplayer still on

Quick update for this week. 

Last week was dedicated to  online multiplayer.

I had stopped on it several months ago, I believe back in November. Why did I stop on it in the first place? Well it felt like I should dedicate more time to other things.

But last month I decided to give it another shot. I started from scratch for the online multiplayer, and there’s some good progress. The tricky part is letting the remote player feel like it’s instantaneous as if there’s no lag. I tried playing the game with Parsec, where a remote player connects to another player. This kind of tech records the server’s screen and sends it to the remote player. And the remote player sends the inputs. But the lag just kills the gameplay, because you have to wait for the server to receive your input and send you back the next screen frame to see any kind of feedback.

It’s very tough to debug multiplayer bugs but with adequate logs, and screen recording, and lots of patience the bugs are being fished out. So running, jumping, picking up loot, and throwing things are in place. I’m currently working on killing enemies. There’s also a resynch with server, just in case it gets out of whack.

Ah, and btw here’s a new poster WIP. Join Pyramid Plunge Discord server to see the whole poster in the art channel…

Writing your first discord bot for your indie game

So this week, Pyramid Plunge got featured on alphabetagamer.com and this caused quite a number of people to register with the game’s discord server.
From just 4 members, it quickly jumped to around 60.
I wanted to keep the new players engaged somehow.
I had heard a lot about how discord can be used to create a community around the game, especially from No More Robots’ Mike Rose’s articles/videos. So what could I do to quickly add something for Pyramid Plunge new community?

Pyramid Plunge generates the levels procedurally, typical of roguelike. It also has a special mode called Pyramid of the Day where the levels are kept the same for 24 hours. Its leaderboard will reset as well after 24 hours. So I thought this could lend well for the new community on discord.

I thought whoever gets at the top of the leaderboard he would be crowned as Pharaoh of the Day. Perhaps even display a crown near the username too.
I also wanted to let them see the leaderboard directly in discord. And notify the current Pharaoh that he has been dethrowned.

The only problem is I had never created a discord bot before. Luckily there are a lot of resources. And here is a quick rundown to get you started.

Getting started guide

Just visit discord.js guide and it will guide you on how to get started.
I had never used node js before, but the guide is very straight forward to use.
You’ve already coded your game, so this will be easy comparativily πŸ™‚

Do not use any other unofficial guide on youtube or some old article, because the api changes. I’ve wasted 2 hours because I had started off an old tutorial, and then when I tried using the the official documentation, things were not matching up. The helpful official DJS discord channel immediately spotted my problem. I had to restart off the official discord.js guide. This is the reason why this article will not give code examples because the API changes.

I ended up using the following tools on Mac, but it will similar for Windows

  • terminal (to install node js and any packages used. Also to start the bot)
  • Sublime text editor to edit the files
  • Discord itself to test it

In the Discord server I created a bot-test channel and set it private. I also created a Bot Tester role and assigned it to whoever was interested to test it out

If you don’t want to use your local machine, you might be interested in trying out Glitch. As you type it will save and recompile your bot automatically. Once you’re happy with the bot, you can buy their premium service which keeps your bot alive too. (I know there are ways how to keep your free Glitch bot alive, but that’s not cool.)

Hosting on your existing cPanel VPS

I already had a server for PyramidPlunge.com and I wanted to use the same server. Actually it’s a VPS, so it uses cPanel to control the server. But it was relatively easy to set it up. My VPS supports installing node.js. They just have a Setup Node JS icon in cPanel. You just copy your json and js files, and it will automatically download all the packages you’re using. Just make sure to create a subdomain for your bot. That eliminated some weird issue in my case where I couldn’t effectively use the express package.

The only caveat using a cPanel VPS is that after a few minutes of inactivity, the bot would not be responsive anymore. I tried asking customer support for a solution but they were clueless. In some forum online, someone suggested to make a cronjob to ping it every minute or so. But the cPanel cron job setting doesn’t allow fewer than 5minutes interval. So I had to create several cron jobs manually, all doing the same thing but spaced out by a few minutes. That seems to have worked.

The bot so far

So for Pharaoh of the Day, I’ve scheduled a job every 5 minutes (using node-schedule) to check if there were any changes in the Pyramid of the Day leaderboard. If there was any dethroning, it would notify the existing Pharaoh and also post on the pyramid-of-the-day channel.

The Pharaoh is placed in a specific role, so he gets highlighted from the rest of the members of the server. I also change his nickname. Nicknames are like usernames but set for a discord server. So I set the nickname to his username and append a crown universal emoji. Of course, when Pharaohs change, the role is removed and nickname is reset to the username.

Players can also query the current leaderboards for each difficulty in the game. Since the leaderboard system uses a webserver, it already was returning a json string and so it was pretty easy to parse and format the data into a Discord Embed message. An Embed message makes a response from a bot look nicer where you have more options to format the message. Unfortunately there are no tables yet which would be ideal for a leaderboard.

Linking the game with discord

This was kinda hacky. I’m using GameMaker and I couldn’t find a quick way how to make the user “login” with discord. If you have any ideas on this, please fill me in. So what I’ve done is let the player ask the bot to give him his discord id. He copies it and pastes it in the game. His scores will now be linked to his discord id.

What’s next? Teams and Weekly Challenges

I’m hoping I will find some time to add weekly challenges. The discord members will need to choose a team – The Giorgios vs The Felicies. I will make the game let the player select with whom he can play. Currently you can only play with Felicie if you find the Switcheroo curse in some crate. A weekly challenge will tell them on discord what they need to do (e.g. The team who finds most secrets wins). I will be tracking some stats in the game. And then aggregate all stats to know who is the winner. Sounds like a lot of fun (and work πŸ™‚ )

v0.5.5 Update – Discord Leaderboards

Discord Bot

So this week Pyramid Plunge has been listed on alphabetagamer (https://www.alphabetagamer.com/pyramid-plunge-beta-sign-up/) and that has caused quite a big surge on Discord.  There’s over 60 users now on the channel which is awesome!

As soon as I saw those players coming in, I decided to pause on everything, and add something to Discord to make hopefully make it more interesting to the players.

The game already had leaderboards for each difficulty of the single player (Tourists = Beginner, Returning Visitor = Medium, Badass = Hard). There’s also the leaderboard for Pyramid of the Day (which resets every 24 hours). And I thought … “wouldn’t it be cool if the player got some kind of recognition in Discord when they top the leaderboards?”. So that is what I focused on this week.

I created a bot (which I called Giorgio πŸ™‚ ), and through it you can query the current leaderboard status directly from Discord. Moreover, the bot will check if those in the top 10 should be given a title. So they would be shown under TouristsReturning Visitor or Badass according to the difficulty they played in.

In the case of Pyramid of the Day, only the first one will be recognized and highlighted in Discord as Pharaoh of the Day, and a crown will also be placed near his username. Of course this only lasts for one day πŸ™‚

There are instructions in this new build how to link  your discord in order for your scores to be recognized by the discord bot.

Multiplayer session with Judo Cruise Gaming (Youtuber)

Also this week I had the pleasure to record a multiplayer session with Judo Cruise Gaming. We used Parsec for this. Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/embed/LassmCCs98s